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Robins Run Foundation, Inc.
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    About Us

    Welcome to Our Adventure

    Robin's Run Foundation, Inc. is a Non-Profit Corporation, registered with The State of North Carolina. We were granted Non-Profit 501(c)(3) status on September 15, 2014 by the Internal Revenue Service. This organization was founded in memory of Robin Rockett Bowen who lost her life tragically while on an early morning run with The Apple City Road Crew on Christmas Eve 2010.

    Our Commitment Statement

    Robin's Run Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to expanding upon Robin's dream of having safe streets upon which to jog, positive and productive church missions and sponsorship of youth athletics. All proceeds from our annual 5K/Fun Run are returned back to the community through these scholarships and missions. The Corporation has no paid employees, no paid Board of Trustees and the event is staffed, solely by volunteers.

    How We Are Helping Our Community

    Robin's Run Foundation, Inc. provided scholarship money to 28 student athletes in 2012, totaling almost $5,000.00. In 2013, we provided scholarship money to 36 athletes totaling almost $6,000.00. In 2014, we provided scholarship money to 41 student athletes totaling over $6,000.00. Each of these years, The Foundation also helped fund an academic scholarship at East Burke High School, where Robin attended. The Foundation also donated to three area churches for their support with the event for mission work.

    Our Board of trustees

    Chairman of The Board and President

    Robert D. Bowen.


    Kathy Smith

    Board Members

    Sherri Russell - Secretary/Tresurer

    Janel Lingle - Race Chairman/Organizer

    Dawn Yount

    Martha Schronce

    Dr. Joel Inman

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